When it comes to buying a new home the process can be overwhelming. 
Begin with asking yourself these four questions: What?, Where?, When?, and Why?
What: What criteria is it that you want your new house to have? Or what is it that your current house does not have? Do you want more room? This could be in terms of square footage, more bedrooms, a bigger backyard, bigger garage, and so on. Once you come up with a list of criteria begin with what is most important to you and prioritize them in order. Ask yourself are there things on this list that I “have to” have and are there things that are not so important or that I can live without.
Where: Where do you want to live, what part of town? Where may be decided based on your job and its location. Or it may be based on schools for your children. A deciding factors may be your child care and where it’s located. This is a very important factor in deciding on your new home because it can not be changed! Remember you can always remodel but you can not pick up your home and take it elsewhere.
When: When will you be ready to move? Would you like to move in the summer when your children are out of school? Is your move immediate? Are you waiting to sell your current home? Are you waiting for a legal settlement? 
Why: Why have you decided to move from your current home? What are the features that you would like to improve? 
By keeping these things in mind and a little help from your REALTOR, you will be able to find a new home that fits your needs for years to come!
         Mandy Bradford