The holiday is season is usually a hectic time for most. It is also traditionally not the best time to sell your home. There are however some distinct advantages to selling your home during this time of year-

1. Less competition- Most people think that no one will be looking for a home during this time of year or they do not want the hassle of keeping their home "show ready" during the holidays. If you are willing to tough it out, that means less competition for you and could possibly mean a better offer.

2. Easy to stage- If you were having trouble decorating your home for showings in the previous months, the holidays are a great excuse to decorate. Just keep in mind that everyone may not be as festive as you but a good rule of thumb is to decorate to your neighborhood standard. If most of your neighborhood has lights and a few decorations up, great- do the same. Don't be the one house though that looks like Disneyland on Christmas Eve where potential buyers have to step around all the deflated blow up snowmen and reindeer just to look around the yard!

Also remember that most buyers will be looking at your home during the day when a lot of your decorations may not be visible. They will drive the neighborhood at night though if they are interested!

Inside is the same theory, keep it light and cheery. Soft holiday music in the background is fine, a reef on the door, & some good smelling holiday candles should do it. A Christmas tree also smells great, but try and keep it small enough to not take up an entire room!

3. Treat potential buyers- The holiday season is a great time to leave out some tasty treats for potential buyers. Some home made cookies left out with a "please help yourself sign" can really help buyers remember your home over others if they have seen a lot. They may have seen 5-10 homes that day and when they are trying to remember which one had what, they will easily remember the home with the great cookies!

The most important thing to remember if you are going to sell this season, is keep it light and festive! If you would like any further information on getting your ready to sale in any season, please feel free to contact us.

Have a great day!